Reviewer for My First 35

To:       Mara Addison, Managing Director

From:  Janessa Parks, Editorial Coordinator

Date:    August 21, 2012

Re:         Reader’s report for “My First 35:  The Auto-Biography of Countrified Wedman”  by Countrified Wedman

Please review the reader’s report for the above noted manuscript.  I recommend it for publication via our subsidy publishing program.

In “My First 35: The Auto-Biography of Countrified Wedman,” the author walks the reader through the first thirty-five years of his life, which encompass his childhood, military service and his dream to become a professional rapper and entertainer.

Mr. Wedman was born in South Carolina where he and his younger sister also grew up.  Raised in a small town in Laurens County, it had never occurred to the author that he would leave his simple and humble life behind, much less reach the point he is at now.  Back then, he was content and happy to be surrounded by his loving and supportive family and friends; he was in the safety of his own world until he realized that there was a whole world of unexplored possibilities outside the safety and comfort of his home. 

As Mr. Wedman grew into a young man, he started to explore more about life and his passion.  He developed an interest in rapping after he stared writing poetry, and this was when he stared dreaming about becoming a musician.  But before Mr. Wedman made it to Hollywood, he became a Marine first and experienced the exciting yet dangerous life of a military man. 

After his service in Japan, Mr. Wedman has gone through a lot of ups and downs, failures and triumphs, as well as adventures and misadventures.  He has made numerous mistakes during his journey as he paved the way toward his goals.  But despite the challenges he encountered, he remained focused, determined and faithful to God who has never failed to guide him through his journey and led the author to the successful life he now enjoys. 

”My First 35:  The Auto-Biography of Countrified Wedman” might appeal to readers interested in an individual’s pursuit of his dreams and following the road to success.