Forward by Cynthia P. Colby

This man is amazing and you have to read this book. No, I really mean it.

 When I took on the job of editing the autobiography of a famous rap artist, television and film star, I thought I’d wade through paragraphs of ego-stroking and arrogance - boy was I ever wrong!  I found my self captivated by the thoughts and feelings of a small town boy with big city dreams…someone who chose a future and worked very hard to attain what he wanted…a man who stayed on his own path without taking anyone down to do it. I got to know a Countrified Wedman who loves his family, believes in God and always sees the positive no matter what happens. And because of all this, he attracts good, supportive people in his life who want to be part of his message. I know, because this charisma jumped off the pages and affected me too. And that’s before I even got to the part where he became famous!

This autobiography should be read by people from 7 to 70, people who like jive, pop and rock as well as rap. Countrified lays the groundwork for successful living, no matter what your age, situation or abilities and does this in a way that beckons, instead of pushing. He embodies the challenges facing every delicious and talented man on stage who is tempted, faces delays and roadblocks and deals with hard choices. He explains why the decisions he made are right for him - and for others. Did I mention yet that he’s an honest and open man? He’s that too!

Now I hate long forewords, so we’re almost at the end of mine. I suggest that when you’re ready to begin reading this, make sure you have some time blocked out, ’cause you won’t want to stop. Grab a cold drink, a coffee, or a wee bit of ‘chronic’ (if you’re lucky!) and join Countrified on his journey. Come see what it feels like to make your dreams come true!

      Cynthia Phoenix Colby     

Editor / Forever Countrified Fan