My First 35

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  • New to this world in this body.
    New to this world in this body.
  • Being curious one month later.
    Being curious one month later.
  • Innocent life.
    Innocent life.
  • Experiencing emotions.
    Experiencing emotions.
  • Getting the hang of life.
    Getting the hang of life.
  • Newly grown and ready for adventure.
    Newly grown and ready for adventure.
  • Hollywood beginner.
    Hollywood beginner.
New to this world in this body.
New to this world in this body.

Countrified's Documentary Trailer

Countrified's Documentary Movie

My First 35 is an auto-biography of Countrified Wedman’s first 35 years of life.

     At a young age, Countrified has already experienced more than what most people would in a whole life-time. Growing up as a small town South Carolina country boy, big dreams were not part of the equation. By the age of 7 he’d developed a love – and a talent - for poetry. Two years later, being a big hip-hop fan, he used his poetry skills to become a rapper. With his love for the arts, Michael Jackson and performing, his mind began to dream bigger. His constant prayers, meditation and positive thoughts of his vision began to materialize and affect his reality.  During his senior year in high school, he was approached by a Marine Corp recruiter and sent to California for duty. Landing in a city he only dreamed of, Countrified created his own environment.  Creating venues for himself to perform helped him gain notoriety and respect. Countrified made fellow military members from the south feel at home, by creating an atmosphere of ‘crunk’ parties and fun events. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Countrified set his sites on the entertainment capital of the world - Hollywood. Due to his relentless efforts, Countrified has appeared in many of Hollywood’s biggest projects and performed on some of its biggest stages. Countrified had no team, no support group and no major connections - just God, an incredibly loving family, and a whole heap of understanding and persistence.

If you’re a fan of the ‘little’ man accomplishing ‘big ‘things, faith’ and rational thinking, then you should get to know Countrified.